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Publications: research reports

Bubb, S, Crossley-Holland, J, Cordiner, J, Cousin, S and Earley, P (2019) Understanding the Middle Tier: Comparative Costs of Academy and LA-maintained School Systems. London: Sara Bubb Associates


Bubb, S (2018) Schools Sector Perceptions of DfE Interventions. London: DfE


Earley, P, Bubb, S and Berry, J (2016) The Professional Development Needs of Heads of HMC Schools: Final Report. London: UCL/HMC


Bubb, S (2016) Case studies of participants on the National Chairs of Governor Leadership Development Programmes. London: DfE


Bubb, S (2015) Creating possibilities in the school-led system 2015 Teaching Schools Council


Bubb, S (2015) The future of NCTL governor training. London: DfE


Bubb, S (2015) Building a Regional School-led Strategy: conference report. South-East Teaching Schools Council


Bubb, S (2014) Creating possibilities in the school-led system Teaching Schools Council


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Bubb, S and Earley, P (2009) What do we know about school workforce development? A summary of findings from recent TDA-funded research projects London: Institute of Education


Bubb, S, Earley, P and Hempel-Jorgensen, A (2009) Staff Development Outcomes Study London: Institute of Education TDA website


Earley, P, Weindling, D, Bubb, S, Evans, J and Glen, M (2008) Evaluation of the Future Leaders Pilot Programme Nottingham: NCSL


Bubb, S and Earley, P (2008) From self-evaluation to school improvement: the importance of effective staff development Reading: CfBT research report


Totterdell M, Woodroffe, L, Bubb, S and Hanrahan, K (2003) How Newly Qualified Teachers Induction Programmes Enhance Teacher Expertise, Professional Development, Job Satisfaction or Retention Rates: a Systematic Review of Research Literature on Teacher Induction London: Teacher Training Agency-EPPI Centre


Totterdell, M, Heilbronn, R, Bubb, S and Jones, C (2002) Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Statutory Arrangements for the Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers Research brief and report No338 DfES: London

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