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Services: Excite Primary Science programme 2015/16

"The effectiveness of Science was much more likely to be outstanding when teachers and subject leaders had received science-specific training." Ofsted, Maintaining Curiosity, 2013


Following the success of the LSEF-funded Coloma Primary Science Project, we are delighted to announce the Excite Primary Science programme for 2015/16. Click below for full details from the programme website.


The programme aims to

  • inspire teachers, and deepen their knowledge and understanding of science

  • enable participants to teach the new primary science curriculum with confidence

  • develop participants’ leadership skills, to generate impact beyond their classroom


There will be 10 training sessions, each of 3 hours, led by Science specialists such as Gary Granger and Dr Andy Markwick, and co-ordinated by professional development expert, Dr Sara Bubb.


Personalised school visits and staff meetings will be available from Sara, Andy or Gary, to help participants to make an impact beyond their classroom.


Costs of the programme will be announced shortly.

Excite Primary Science 2015/16